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We want to thank, Gregorio Sylvester (Jojo) Almira Garcia (Alma) and Lucia

Bogojel for being so dedicated and kind. We never had to worry if Dad was geting the vare he needed, in fact he was cared for better than we could of ever done ourselves. Dad was afraid to be alone at night so they made sure there was someone in the room with him to let him know he was not alone. We were always called to get a direcctive from us if there was any problem, of which there were few. Dad was always clean shaven, bathed and had clean clothes. We also never had to worry about his belongings. They were always safe there and we had no trust issues. We were so impressed with the fact a schedule was adhered to, which was great for everyone to count on. It helped the mental well being of the residents. 


The home itself never had a foul order about it and it was always clean, bright and cheery. The food was excellent. In fact the first time we visited, when deciding a place for dad, there were cooking and it smelled so good my sister and I were ready to movie in, or at least eat there every day.


Sincerely ,


Barbara J. Brown & Karen S. Rider  




January 30, 2017

 By Normi

We've been to this home numerous times and have always found it clean, bright, spacious and well-kept. The caregivers have always been friendly and are very active and busy tending to all of the residents. and their needs, personally and medically. The grounds are meticulously maintained and the facility is so close to the Biltmore Fashion Square shopping area for those family members that like to shop. The owner is very personable and has earned his experience owning other such homes for many years. The entertainers that come put a big smile on everyone's faces.


May 18, 2019

By Charise

My brother was at Biltmore Assisted Living for almost 4 years. They've been absolutely wonderful. They are caring, they go out of their way to make sure everybody feels at home, and they do whatever they can do to help everyone. They have people come in every Friday night for entertainment. They went so far out of their way to accommodate my brother. It was unbelievable. He doesn't want to close the door, so they put an outside screen on the door. I would absolutely recommend this place. If I needed assisted living, this is where I want to go.


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